The 19th annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) will be held June 3-6 at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Competition Overview

Robots compete in three areas: Autonomous, Navigation, and Design.


This competition simulates a car traveling autonomously down a roadway. Robots must complete the course and avoid obstacles without any human interaction. The course consists of a narrow path 600-800 feet in length, bounded on each side by white lines that may be solid or dashed, and filled with obstacles such as orange construction barrels and sawhorses, ramps, and real or simulated potholes and sand pits. The robot's speed must be limited to 5mph to ensure the focus is on the most efficient and intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance.


Given a set of seven waypoints in GPS coordinates, the robot plans a course to each waypoint and back to the finish line, again avoiding obstacles along the way without human interaction. Bonus points are awarded for the robot facing closest to true north as it finishes this task.


This aspect of the competition is based solely on the innovation and creativity of the design of the robot. A paper must be submitted three weeks prior to the competition, allowing adjudicators to assess the details of the robot’s design and the process of creating the robot.